Scientists from the University of Surrey have identified mutations in a gene in an Escherichia coli (E.coli) model that could help explain a form of anti-microbial resistance (AMR) known as [...]

Nature has provided a great deal of inspiration for computer scientists developing search algorithms and ways to solve complicated problems with as little computing power as possible. Ant co [...]

The UK's new Environment Bill, which returns to the House of Commons for its second reading today (February 26th) has been touted by the government as a landmark piece of legislation th [...]

Black carbon particles—more commonly known as soot—absorb heat in the atmosphere. For years, scientists have known that these particles are affecting Earth's warming climate, but measur [...]

Although knots can be a nuisance, they're also very useful when it comes to tying up your laces or when you go sailing. In maths, there are no less than 6 billion different potential kn [...]

Fears are growing that the new coronavirus will infect the U.S. economy. [...]

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is by far the most successful movie franchise ever. More so than James Bond, Harry Potter or even "Star Wars." But why? [...]

A giant planet 344 light-years from Earth and the star it orbits have new names in the Cree language, thanks to a national contest. [...]

If humanity is going to become a spare-faring and interplanetary species, one of the most important things will be the ability of astronauts to see to their needs independently. Relying on r [...]

Australians are slightly obsessed with our dogs. But are we obsessed enough to watch a reality doggy makeover show? [...]

Last year, researchers at Fermilab received over $3.5 million for projects that delve into the burgeoning field of quantum information science. Research funded by the grant runs the gamut, f [...]

My team and I have analyzed the incomes of people affected by some of Australia's worst bushfires, floods and cyclones in the past two decades. Our results are disheartening. [...]

As of February 2020, the number of people infected with the coronavirus Covid-19 has surpassed 80,000, with nearly 2,700 deaths. Efforts to contain the outbreak have led to full or partial q [...]

When the environmental lawyer and social liberal Zuzana Čaputová was elected as President of Slovakia last year, the media called her achievement a setback for populism. Populist political f [...]

Recent days have brought reports of shoppers clearing out supermarket shelves from Wuhan and Hong Kong to Singapore and Milan in response to the spread of coronavirus. This behaviour is ofte [...]

Nanomedicine is increasingly used in applications like drug delivery and diagnosis, with promising results in several fields, including oncology, cardiology and immunology. However, the risi [...]

Applying deep learning to seismic data has revealed tremor and slip occur at all times—before and after known large-scale slow-slip earthquakes—rather than intermittently in discrete bursts, [...]

Solar-powered water quality sensors could help fish farmers protect their aquatic assets and safeguard the future of food. [...]

The Minor Planet Centre has just announced that the Earth has been orbited by a second moon for the past three years or so. But while excitement about the discovery is growing, it is importa [...]

Researchers have used cryo-electron microscopy to elucidate for the first time the structure and function of a very small enzyme embedded in cell membranes. This enzyme builds complex sugar [...]

NASA has selected a new space-based instrument as an innovative and cost-effective approach to maintaining the 40-year data record of the balance between the solar radiation entering Earth [...]

Transportation produces a sizable amount of greenhouse gas emissions, largely by using petroleum to power internal combustion engines. Alternatives –- for example, organic materials such as [...]

Humans have been studying electric charge for thousands of years, and the results have shaped modern civilization. Our daily lives depend on electric lighting, smartphones, cars, and compute [...]

Bees—both honey bees and less famous native bees—are critical for agriculture, especially for pollinating fruits and vegetables. [...]

After decades of speculation, researchers have demonstrated that a classical DNA repair enzyme also binds to RNA, affecting blood cell development. [...]

The ocean can store much more heat than the atmosphere. The deep sea around Antarctica stores thermal energy that is the equivalent of heating the air above the continent by 400 degrees. [...]

The debate has raged in the world of paleo-climate research for years: When did the land bridge that once connected Asia and North America flood? [...]

Scientists around the world are interested in developing new materials to help people live more sustainable and healthy lives, but the quest to produce these materials requires detailed know [...]

A research group led by Prof. Wang Feng from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently developed a photocatalytic method for the conversion [...]

When a massive star reaches the end of its life, it can explode as a supernova. But there's a unique type of supernova that's much brighter that we're just starting to underst [...]

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