International Criminal Court judges have taken a "cautious" attitude to considering the impact of mental health issues on witnesses and the accused, a new analysis shows. [...]

In 1970, there were approximately 10 billion birds in North America. Now, there are around 7 billion, representing a loss of over a quarter of the continent's birds. [...]

Creating and fostering "shared spaces" can help to tackle the problems caused by gentrification and changing communities in Cornwall, a new study says. [...]

Despite their tiny sizes, aerosols, such as sea salt, dust, and ash, play a giant role in shaping weather and climate. These particles scatter light, act as the starting point for cloud formation, and can even initiate or limit rainfall. A new study from atmospheric scientists at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa has revealed that the coastline can produce up to five times the concentration of giant sea salt aerosols compared to the open ocean and that coastal clouds may contain more of these particles than clouds over the open ocean—affecting cloud formation and rain around the Hawaiian Islands. [...]

A study has found that your online profile picture may play a key role in whether you get hired. The study also found that if your profile photo suggests you "look the part," those hiring you as an employee or freelancer may be more likely to give that more weight than lower ratings, lack of certifications and a fewer number of reviews than your close competitors. [...]

Publications on sugar cane have increased exponentially since 2006 worldwide, and Brazil has had more articles published on the topic than any other country in the period, according to a review in BioEnergy Research. [...]

Conquest, subjugation and plunder are words that spring to mind when we consider colonization. George Orwell, who spent time during the 1920s as a policeman for the British occupiers in what was then Burma, described colonization as a racist system of "despotism with theft as its final object." [...]

Nearly a third of the world's mine tailings are stored within or near protected conservation areas, University of Queensland research has found. A study led by UQ's Bora Aska, from the Sustainable Minerals Institute and School of the Environment, said these waste facilities pose an enormous risk to some of Earth's most precious species and landscapes. [...]

Researchers from Critical Analytics for Manufacturing Personalized-Medicine (CAMP) Interdisciplinary Research Group (IRG) at Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), MIT's research enterprise in Singapore, in collaboration with Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), have developed a novel method capable of identifying contaminants in T-cell cultures within 24 hours. [...]

New research at Aston University has shown that extra practice in blending printed letter sounds can help struggling beginner readers in reception classes learn to read. [...]

The fossil calciferous skeletons of single-celled foraminifers are a beautiful history book with information on CO2-levels in the oceans of the distant past. [...]

A large amount of the heavy automobile pollution from Copenhagen's Bispeengbuen thoroughfare goes straight into people's homes, according to a study by researchers at the University of Copenhagen. A sensor developed by one of the researchers can help fill in the blanks of our understanding about local air pollution. [...]

Increasing evidence has shown an association between gut microbiota and numerous diseases inferred by metagemomic (MWAS), indicating the microbiota as one of the most promising and effective strategies to control these diseases. However, inferring causalities and strong associations from high-dimensional data are very challenging, leading to low concordance in causal microbe identification between metagenomic studies. [...]

A promising new form of ammonium phosphate fertilizer has been field-tested by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign researchers. The fertilizer, struvite, offers a triple win for sustainability and crop production, as it recycles nutrients from wastewater streams, reduces leaching of phosphorus and nitrogen in agricultural soils, and maintains or improves soybean yield compared to conventional phosphorus fertilizers. [...]

University of Helsinki researchers have collected data about the personality traits of thousands of dogs, cats and their owners to explore owner–pet attachment. The data encompass about 2,500 pet owners and 3,300 pets. The work is published in the journal iScience. [...]

Vampire bats may soon take up residence in the United States and bring with them an ancient pathogen. "What we found was that the distribution of vampire bats has moved northward across time due to past climate change, which has corresponded with an increase in rabies cases in many Latin American countries," said Paige Van de Vuurst, a Ph.D. student in Virginia Tech's Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health Graduate Program. [...]

New research from the Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center suggests that Ph.D. graduates in science, technology, engineering and medicine (STEM) in the U.S. who became disabled before age 25 earn $14,360 less per year in academia than those without disabilities. They are also underrepresented at higher faculty levels (such as deans and presidents) and in tenured positions. [...]

For many decades, the rock mechanics community has been tacitly assumed that a rock mass can be equated to the sum of fractures and intact rocks. Accordingly, the behavior of a rock mass can be understood by decomposing it into smaller pieces and characterizing these pieces completely. However, from the statistical physics point of view, this commonly assumed equation (i.e. rock mass = fractures + intact rocks) is either incorrect or at least incomplete. [...]

A new electrocatalyst made of nickel (Ni), iron (Fe) and silicon (Si) that decreases the amount of energy required to synthesize H2 from water has been manufactured in a simple and cost-effective way, increasing the practicality of H2 as a clean and renewable energy of the future. [...]

Maize (Zea mays L.), the most globally produced cereal, owes its enhanced productivity to genetic, agronomic, and climatic factors, with cultivars adapted to higher density playing a crucial role. Recent research has focused on maize's architectural plasticity, particularly its ability to adapt leaf architecture to maximize light interception under varying densities. This adaptation includes leaf reorientation, a response to intraspecific competition, influenced by changes in red to far-red light ratios. [...]

Diagnosing plant disease is essential to meet the world's growing food demand, which is expected to increase with a population of 9.1 billion by 2050. Diseases can reduce crop yields by 20–40%, so early detection is critical. Traditional disease identification methods include expert analysis and machine learning-based image processing. However, the manual approach is inefficient and error-prone, while machine learning, particularly deep learning methods like Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), has revolutionized disease detection by extracting detailed image features. [...]

Many gig workers experienced financial hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic, including food insecurity and trouble paying bills, according to a recent study published in Work and Occupations. [...]

Physicists from the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) have been conducting research on the matter constituting the atomic nucleus utilizing the world's three most powerful particle accelerators. Their focus has been on mapping the "primordial soup" that filled the universe in the first millionth of a second following its inception. [...]

Messenger bubbles produced by human cells can pick up bacterial products and deliver them to other cells, University of Connecticut researchers report in the Nov. 16 issue of Nature Cell Biology. The discovery may explain a key mechanism by which bacteria, whether friendly or infectious, affect our health. [...]

All animals start out as a single-celled organism and then start growing. At some point, of course, they need to stop getting bigger, but the process by which this happens is poorly understood. [...]

Deep learning has revolutionized the way we perceive and utilize data. However, as datasets grow and computational demands increase, we need more efficient ways to handle, store, and process data. In this regard, optical computing is seen as the next frontier of computing technology. Rather than using electronic signals, optical computing relies on the properties of light waves, such as wavelength and polarization, to store and process data. [...]

A cell nucleus is a busy place. Cellular proteins twist and pull DNA, folding the genome into intricate 3D structures that support functioning of its coding parts. [...]

AMOLF researchers have used the special properties of perovskite semiconductors to develop a simple spray test to demonstrate the presence of lead. Perovskite is a material suitable for use in LEDs and solar cells, for example. A lead-containing surface shines bright green when it is sprayed with the test. This test is 1,000 times more sensitive than existing tests and the researchers found no false positive or false negative results. The study was published on November 27 in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. [...]

In the 50 years since monk parakeets arrived in Europe and spread across the continent, the species has developed distinct dialects that vary across countries and cities, according to a team of researchers from the Max Planck Institutes of Animal Behavior in Konstanz and for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. [...]

The early years sector—nurseries and childminders who offer services to children under the age of five—waited expectantly for news of investment in the UK chancellor's recent autumn statement. But this was not delivered, even though Jeremy Hunt presented 110 economic measures designed to boost UK growth and productivity. [...]

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